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“Curiosity only does one thing and that is to give. What it gives are the clues on the incredible scavenger hunt of your life”- Elizabeth Gilbert.

As a fresh out of University graduate who majored in Anthropology and Art History, a question I get asked a lot is “So, what are you actually going to do with that degree?” My answer is, I don’t know yet. Like many young graduates who are faced with the daunting prospect of diving straight into the career driven routine of adult life, I want to embrace this opportunity to just take a step back and enjoy being young and free. I want to be more present in this fast paced world and explore what the world has to offer. No one is better at being present than a child. When you watch children play, they are not worried about the future, they are not worried about what people think of them and they are not holding onto anything from the past. As adults, we need to return to these feelings of childlike wonder and curiosity and enjoy all the beautiful sights and sounds around us.

From a very early age we are asked by the adults in our lives, “What do you want to be when you grow up”? From this point on we lose some of that real presence that we had as a child because we are forced to think about the future. We are taught with some urgency that we must become something. Even when we don’t know what that something is and if we will ever know. For young adults, this thought can be overwhelming. As we get older we are conditioned to find a passion, find a purpose, achieve, achieve, achieve because this is apparently how success is defined. Yes, it is definitely good to have goals but don’t forget to relax, breathe, take a step back and have look around you. I have so many interests that I want to delve into and I still don’t know exactly what I want to be when I ‘grow up’ but for now that is perfectly OK.

At this point in my life I am lucky enough to travel and lean back into that childhood curiosity. I am leaving on this adventure with an open mind and no expectations except the truth that I will learn more about myself, the world and the people in it. To an extent I get to embody that child who wanders into a forest with no clear sense of time or direction, who picks up a stick to use it as a sword or a wand and who builds a fairy castle made out of stones.

When you travel you make the most of what you have around you. 

When you travel you experience that awe, wonder and happiness when you discover something new and you fully appreciate where you are at that moment in time. 

When you travel you want to take in all the new sights, the sounds and that energy and excitement of not knowing what you will see when you turn that corner. 

You take each moment as it comes. 

You become aware and to be aware is to be present. 

We can lose this sense of presence when we are continually bombarded with questions about who we want to be and what we are going to do to achieve this. I believe that there is nothing more rewarding than travelling because in those moments of wonder you can shed those expectations and just absorb all the sensations around you. You can be fully present.

Having said all this, I would love to welcome you with open arms to TAMARA JADE TRAVELS.  I started this blog as a place to document my thoughts, my experiences and provide you with an exciting and inspiring insight into the weird and wonderful endeavours that I am lucky enough to experience. This trip to Africa and Europe is a massive leap out of my comfort zone, more like I am plunging into a deep abyss of the unknown. When I’m in Africa, I will volunteer at the N/a’an ku se Wildlife Conservation Sanctuary in Namibia. I will then eat my way through Italy before making the beautiful country of France my home. 

From a very early age my parents introduced me to all the benefits of travel. My first ever travel memory was from when I was three years old waving to my dad at the Piazza del Campo in Siena as he stood atop of the Torre del Mangia. My parents gave me an incredible gift by exposing me to many different cultures growing up and making sure I experienced seeing something new every year even if it was just a road trip down the coast. My dad is German and my mum is Filipino with Spanish and Chinese ancestry. I also have an adopted sister from Korea, so you can see how my desire to learn about different cultures has been ingrained in my genes.

go somewhere

I would classify myself as a happy introvert who definitely needs to get my ass kicked into gear when it comes to fending for myself. I have the tendency to dive headfirst into the ‘worst case scenario’ mindset when I am faced with a difficult situation. I can also become very tongue tied when I am forced to talk myself out of something uncomfortable or confronting. During some tutorials at University a thought process rapidly moving through my mind went something like this, “Oh my god, what if I say the wrong thing? What if I say something that is so stupid” and sometimes I think the exact same thing when I am meeting new people. It was not until my last year at Uni where I really tried to force myself to embrace being uncomfortable and not be afraid to make my opinions known. It is still a work in progress but that is the way it should be throughout your whole life because everything you do and everyone you meet will teach you something new and contribute to your growth as a unique and beautiful being.

Long story short,  I am looking forward to conquering the moments where all I want to do is dig myself a hole and crawl into it. This adventure allows me to be free, gain confidence and most importantly be present.

I hope you enjoy Tamara Jade Travels and a massive THANK YOU for visiting my blog! Now go out into the world with love, try new things, be present and be happy.

watermelon   london

thailand   Dream Beanie

Lots of love,

Tamara Jade


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Tamara, we have met ur parents in Namibia. They gave us the address of your blog. We are just coming back from Namibia, spent the last days in etosha. So it was interesting to see what u wrote about It. Say hello to your parents. We hope we will meet them again in Germany. Theresa and Verena


    1. Hi Theresa and Verena,

      Thanks so much for reading my blog. Hope you enjoyed your stay at Etosha and the rest of your time in Namibia. There is still so much I want to see there. I’m currently in Cape Town and after all that desert I’m glad to see the ocean again but I will definitely be back in Namibia in the future. My parents send their regards and they’ll try and see you when they’re in Heidelberg. Have a great week! Thanks again for visiting my blog 🙂


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