One morning I walked down to the main port of Positano. It was a beautiful, sunny day that made the water reflect a crystal clear, turquoise blue which sparkled bright under the sun. As I sat by the port, my bare feet dangling off the edge splashing the water, I saw a ferry pull up to the side heading to Capri. I decided right then and there that I would go on a spontaneous day trip to Capri Island. It is 50 minutes to Capri by ferry from Positano. It was the best decision ever made because the landscape of Capri is one of the most beautiful in the world with steep cliffs, luscious forest and refreshing, perfect blue water. 

You will arrive at Marina Grande, the main port of Capri. It is surrounded by a cluster of colourful houses, home to Capri’s fisherman. Towards the left of the marina as you face the sea is Capri’s small beach. There is a little area next to where you buy the ferry tickets which is free and open to the public, otherwise you have to pay to access the other areas of the beach. 

From the marina you can walk 25 minutes uphill to the city center or you can save your strength and take the funicular. Keep in mind that Capri is a luxurious island, a popular holiday destination for the rich and famous. The center of town is filled with expensive restaurants, hotels, boutiques and designer brands. The white buildings with their colourful windows, beautiful window displays and creative interior designs will give your camera a serious workout. 

Capri is also the most amazing nature lovers paradise with many paths taking you up, down and around the whole island. The views are spectacular so don’t forget your camera and make sure you have lots of room because you will be snapping away the whole day. It really feels like you are in paradise. 

Make your way to La Fontelina for lunch. It is an adventure to get to, up and down many stairs but it is so worth it. It is hidden amongst a bunch of large rocks at the base of the cliffs, where you can jump off straight into the water. Get ready for millionaire views as well as great service. It feels like you are on the set of a James Bond movie and the prices are reasonable considering it’s Capri. Sun beds can also be hired if you fancy a swim. 

Don’t miss the spectacular Faraglioni rock formations and the impressive, winding paths of Via Krupp. If you have the time make your way down to Marina Piccola where legend says that Ulysses was seduced by sirens. Book a tour of the Blue Grotto at Marina Grande when you arrive. The Blue Grotto is a natural cavern which you can access by small boat but this popular tourist site can get very busy so it would probably be better to do this early morning or late afternoon. 

Capri really is a magical island which should be at the top of your bucket list. Hike up and down the cliffs, plunge into clear blue water, splurge on a top notch seafood lunch, eat some of the best gelato in Italy and relax and unwind by the beach. So what are you waiting for?! It’s a summer holiday waiting to happen!