No words can describe just how beautiful this part of the world is! You have to come here as soon as possible to experience the incredible coastline for yourself. There are so many beautiful places to visit on this Earth and Positano is out of this world and will literally take your breath away! Positano is a small Italian town situated on the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. This means that there are many many stairs that will take you down and up small winding paths that reveal cute boutiques, delicatessens, souvenir shops and good quality restaurants. Think of Positano as the splurge part of your adventures and this area is quite expensive but super worth it! Positano is a well known, more luxurious, romantic vacation spot for honeymooning couples but as a solo traveller this made me appreciate this place so much more as I watched people go by and live their lives excited and happy to be in this beautiful part of the world, making unforgettable memories. I enjoyed being in the present moment appreciating the coastline as I hiked up the steep cliffs, sat on the beach looking out at the sea and ate incredible food made with the freshest ingredients and savoured every bite without distraction. 

I stayed in a B&B called Il Canneto up in the hills. From there it is a 15 minute walk into town along the main road and down many stairs which also means that you will get an epic leg workout walking back but the views are so amazing! All rooms have a sea view, looking down into the valley, the colourful dome of the church and the main beach. There is also a bus stop right out the front of the B&B which takes you to the main square in 5 minutes but I really enjoyed the walk everyday. I never got tired of the view! Everytime I walked into town I stopped and admired the wonderful pastel coloured houses nestled amongst the hills and the sparkling blue water. Il Canneto offers a lovely breakfast complete with fresh fruit, croissants, pastries, boiled eggs, juicy cherry tomatoes, yogurt, cereal and your choice of tea, coffee and fruit juice. Depending on the season because I assume during the summer months the prices are a lot higher, staying at Il Canneto will set you back around $150 a night and this place is definitely one of the cheapest options in Positano. 

One of the first things you notice about Positano is that is is famous for its lemons! There are so many fruit stalls and vendors that sell incredible fresh fruit and lemon and orange slushies as you drive along the Amalfi Coast and walk down to Positano beach. Go inside one of the many ‘lemon’ themed shops in Positano and buy their delicious smelling lemon soaps, body lotions or their lemon flavoured dark chocolate but most importantly stock up on their famous limoncello liquor! 

Positano is filled with beautiful boutiques that sell handmade jewellery, handpainted plates, jugs, mugs, embroidered cushions and blankets, handwoven scarves and wraps and the most beautiful clothes made with soft, thin, ethical fabrics in the most beautiful bright coloures. Check out the shop Idillio for there pretty and comfortable tops and dresses in their famous aqua blue colours. 

Positano is a place where you can both relax and get active. There are two beaches in Positano, the main beach along Via Marina Grande and the smaller Positano Spiaggia which you can access in less than 10 minutes along the footpath next to the main port. 

To get the blood pumping climb up to the small village up in the cliffs called Nocelle. This hike is not easy, up 1750 steps to be exact so bring a lot of water and some snacks. The walk is all up hill starting from the steps just behind Arienzo Beach along the main road. You will be rewarded with the most epic view of the coastline and if that is not enough you can do an all day hike along the spectacular Path of the Gods but I would take the bus from Positano to Bomerano and start the hike from there as it is mostly, if not all down hill from that point. You can do the walk by yourself if you prefer. You will still bump into other hikers on the way as it is a very popular hike but if you want some local knowledge about the landscape, the flora and meet other travellers, book a half day hiking tour. Head down to the tourism office in Positano to get tour group details. 

Another amazing day trip you can do from Positano is to the incredible island of Capri! From Positano it takes around 30 minutes by ferry to the island. I know I am sounding very repetitve but the views are seriously on another level! There are many different paths you can take from the center of town that lead you up and down the coast revealing steep cliffs and the crystal, clear blue water. Stay tuned for a separate blog post on how to make the most out of one day in Capri! 

Positano is very nicely situated in between the Amalfi and Sorrento so it is the perfect place to make your base if you wish to explore other towns and the surrounding islands. There are regular ferries daily from Positano Port to Capri, the Amalfi and Sorrento. You can also take the SITA bus to the towns along the Amalfi Coast which is excellent when the ferries stop running at night. 

Now for one of the most important things to do while travelling, trying all the nice Italian food! Positano is of course not a cheap place to visit but you only live once right? You are on vacation after all! You deserve to treat yourself. 

Casa e Bottega

Finally a healthy place to eat! Recently I have been finding it really hard to regularly eat healthy so I was so happy to come across this cafe. All food is organic and most of there fruit and vegetables are homegrown in their backyard or directly sourced from local farmers. They have the most amazing freshly squeezed juices and a really great raw, vegan menu but also healthy chicken and fish options. 


This place is run by the same owner from Casa e Bottega so you can expect the same fresh, healthy ingredients but on a top notch restaurant level. 

La Pergola 

One of the cheaper places along Via Marina Grande. They have many good pizza options but I would try one of their homemade pasta dishes. Try the ravioli with their house wine, it’s so amazing! 

Da Adolfo

To get to this restaurant you have to take a small boat from the main dock that comes every 30 minutes from 10 to 12:30pm. A truly magical, hidden gem! Since it is a small restaurant I would book a table in advance. 

Da Vincenzo 

I actually did not get the chance to eat here but apparently it is one of the best restaurants in Positano but I think this one is best enjoyed with some company. It is quite a romantic setting. 

Chez Black

I found this place really overrated. It’s one of the main restaurants along the beach. I had a pizza and I was expecting it to be a bit better. Then again, this place is known for their seafood, although pricey it is probably best to invest in their seafood dishes. 

How to get to Positano? Most people arrive to Naples or Salerno first before heading to the Amalfi Coast. There are coach buses and shuttle buses from Naples Central Station that go to Positano and the Amalfi but for a smooth and comfortable ride, booking a private taxi is the easiest option. It might not be the cheapest but it gave me peace of mind as I had large luggage with me. Private taxi’s can generally be arranged by your accomodation in Positano. Il Canneto organised pick up and drop off for me from my accomodation in Naples.