Another city in Andalusia, Spain that left me smiling from ear to ear. I loved seeing the influence of Arabic design in the architecture all over the city mixed with the old, white and yellow buildings covered in colourful flowers. I took hundreds of photos. It is a city that will make you never want to put your camera down.  

The main attraction of Cordoba is the famous world heritage site of the Mosque-Cathedral. It is unlike any other religious building you will ever see in your entire life! The fusion of Islamic and Christian architecture and design is a unique and wonderful sight to behold. I recommend booking a tour for this one to get a full, historical understanding of this spectacular building and trust me of this, you will definitely want to be informed about the creation and reformation of this special site over these past hundreds of years. Book your tour online through Viator or Get Your Guide. The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is probably the most interesting and unique religious building I have ever seen. You can also climb the tower for a small fee to see the view of the city and the surrounding countryside. On a clear day you can even see all the way to the snow peaked mountains over in Granada.  

I visited Cordoba towards the end of April and the temperatures were already quite hot which personally I loved. I was so happy that I did not have to wear layers and a jacket anymore. I could just take in the sunshine and much needed Vitamin D after a freezing winter. It still got a little chilly during the night but all you need during this time of the year is a light scarf and a cardigan. Spring is the perfect time to visit the South of Spain because of the pleasant temperatures, less crowds, cheaper accomodation and a lot more hotel choices. I would never come here during the summer months, well, I would never say never but it would be sweltering hot in the forty to fifty degree heat. What was also interesting to try and get accustomed to was the way of life in Southern Spain. It seems like life starts slowly here as you ease your way into the morning. Lunch is at around two or three in the afternoon followed by a much needed siesta, a snack at around six and then dinner at around ten or eleven at night. Personally I will never get used to this type of lifestyle, well the late start and the siesta I can definitely do. I love sleeping but I like to eat my dinner at around seven. Always have always will.

Another must see in Cordoba is the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos. The gardens are so beautiful to relax in and admire the sights and sounds of this romantic garden. To take some great pictures of the whole Mosque-Cathedral at a distance, cross the Roman Bridge of Cordoba. It is particularly special during sunset. What I loved most about this place was taking it easy and having a slow stroll through the streets, taking photos of the pretty flower filled houses and squares. There are also many restaurants and bars to choose from that offer lovely, cheap meals to savour and enjoy in their aromatic courtyards decorated with many blue flower pots filled with red and pink flowers hanging on their white walls. You will find many delicious food options making your way from the Mosque-Cathedral to the Plaza de la Corredera.
To the left side of the Mosque-Cathedral facing the main entrance of the courtyard there is a small bar called Bar Santos. It is here that you have to try their delicious, famous Spanish omelette. 

Another fascinating area of Cordoba is the Jewish Quarter. Visit the old Synagogue and the beautiful Casa Andalusí. Admire the intricate mosaic floors, mirrors and Arabic inspired furnitue and decor. 

If you are in the mood to splurge on some quality relaxation look no further than Hamman Al Andulus. For around €55 full price and around €44 for students you can experience the splendor of an Arabic bath complete with the varying water temperatures of the baths and a steam room. You will also recieve a 30 minute essential oil massage where you can choose between lovely rose, jasmin and lavender oils. After days of sightseeing and walking around all day long, your body will definitely thank you for this much needed treat. 


The South of Spain is the ultimate destination to learn about a lot of interesting history but also to relax, unwind and enjoy the plentiful traditional cuisine and embrace their unique and colourful culture.