Visiting the South of Spain has always been on my bucket list. The seemingly endless sunshine, mouth watering tapas, flamenco shows and the infusion of Arabic culture all attracted me to Southern Spain. What I loved most about Seville was weaving my way through the winding streets without a map and seeing where my feet would take me. The buildings are so beautiful! Seville Cathedral and La Giralda are a spectacular point of reference which allowed me to aimlessly wander around the surrounding colouful, busy streets and always know approximately where I was. Seville was extra busy when I went there because my trip landed right in the middle of Holy Week. I arrived in the afternoon of Good Friday as the Friday procession ended and although I was told before about their Easter traditions, I was still surprised to see the masses of people walking around the city in their long white, purple and black robes with pointed hoods. I was lucky enough to catch the Easter Sunday procession which was a very interesting, one of a kind experience. Although very busy, Easter is a great time to visit Seville for a unique, cultural experience. All in all the atmosphere in Seville is so virbant and uplifting. You are guaranteed to have a great time exploring this beautiful city. 

Seville Cathedral and La Giralda 

Seville Cathedral is considered to be the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and the third largest church in the world so it is important to take a tour of this impressive structure. Don’t leave without climbing up La Giralda for amazing views of the city. You won’t be sorry! I recommend buying tickets in advance to the Cathedral and the Real Alcazar directly through their website or through the links provided on the official tourism webpage of Seville. The lines to both these sites can be very long during peak season. Expect to wait up to an hour or more if you do not purchase tickets before. 

Real Alcazar 

The Real Alcazar is a royal palace of Seville, originally created by Moorish Muslim kings. The palace is beautiful and the courtyards will leave you speechless. Relax in the lush, exotic palace gardens and take in the smell of the flowers and sounds of the chirping birds. The peacocks wandering around love to put on a colourful show. For Game of Thrones fans, part of the series was filmed here. It is good to book a tour for both the Alcazar and Cathedral or you can purchase audio guides for both when you get to the sites. I had a problem with my tour, Visitours Excursiones, which I booked through Viator. I was given two times to choose from on my voucher and it turns out since majority of people went to the first one, the tour guide did not even bother to turn up to the second. Supposedly there was only one time for the tour but I had the proof that there were two times printed on my ticket. To avoid this problem I would book tours through the official tourism website of Seville or visit the tourism office when you arrive and see what is on offer. 

Plaza Virgen de los Reyes and Plaza del Triunfo 

Two picture perfect plaza’s to capture the magnificent Seville Cathedral and La Giralda. Wander up Calle Mateos Gago for lots of restaurant options and bars. Plaza del Triunfo is the main square where majority, if not all the tour groups meet and it is also where the tourism office is. 

Holy Week 

Despite the chaos and lots of crowds if you manage to come to Seville during Easter than you are in for a culture shock treat! You must see at least one procession. People get really into it here and you would be considered really strange if you did not attend one, even if you are not religious. The spectacle of it all is mind blowing! 

Barrio Santa Cruz 

Surrouding the Alcazar is Barrio Santa Cruz, my favourite area of Seville. The winding cobblestone streets reveal colourful buildings, hundreds of flower arrangements, numerous courtyards and restaurants. It is the perfect place to get lost, take thousands of instagram worthy pictures and wind up in one of the many traditional restaurants, sipping sangria in their cute, colourful courtyards. 

Casa de Pilatos 

I did not have time to visit this Andalusian palace but I walked passed it a couple of times and snapped some pictures of the beautiful courtyard. Try and visit it if you have the chance. 


Plaza de Espana 

One of the most famous spots of Seville that I have seen on many websites and postcards. I was so happy that I could finally tick this off my list! It really is picture perfect! It is surrounded by beautiful gardens, one being Parque de Maria Luisa. 

Metropol Parasol

At first glance this complex looks very out of place as it sits in the middle of the old quarter of the city. It is a modern building which houses the Antiquarium, a central market and a restaurant on the top floor. The terrace offers amazing panoramic views of the city. 


Casa de la Memoria

It is a must to see a flamenco show in Andalusia. Casa de la Memoria offers three shows a night, each show is one hour long. The stage is small and intimate which is an excellent way to see a true flamenco show. Tickets are €18, €15 for students. You have to buy tickets at the venue. Have a stroll along Calle Cuna and visit the many boutiques that sell flamenco costumes. 

Torro del Oro

Torro del Oro was a military watchtower that now serves as a viewpoint to see the city. Walk alongside the Guadalquivir to see both sides of the city from a different perspective. 

Calle Velasquez, Calle Tetuan and Calle Sierpes 

These streets are the main shopping streets of Seville with all the big brand chain stores. Once you reach these streets it is very easy to orientate yourself around the city.