How To Spend A Day In Capri 

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One morning I walked down to the main port of Positano. It was a beautiful, sunny day that made the water reflect a crystal clear, turquoise blue which sparkled bright under the sun. As I sat by the port, my bare feet dangling off the edge splashing the water, I saw a ferry pull up to the side heading to Capri. I decided right then and there that I would go on a spontaneous day trip to Capri Island. It is 50 minutes to Capri by ferry from Positano. It was the best decision ever made because the landscape of Capri is one of the most beautiful in the world with steep cliffs, luscious forest and refreshing, perfect blue water. 

You will arrive at Marina Grande, the main port of Capri. It is surrounded by a cluster of colourful houses, home to Capri’s fisherman. Towards the left of the marina as you face the sea is Capri’s small beach. There is a little area next to where you buy the ferry tickets which is free and open to the public, otherwise you have to pay to access the other areas of the beach. 

From the marina you can walk 25 minutes uphill to the city center or you can save your strength and take the funicular. Keep in mind that Capri is a luxurious island, a popular holiday destination for the rich and famous. The center of town is filled with expensive restaurants, hotels, boutiques and designer brands. The white buildings with their colourful windows, beautiful window displays and creative interior designs will give your camera a serious workout. 

Capri is also the most amazing nature lovers paradise with many paths taking you up, down and around the whole island. The views are spectacular so don’t forget your camera and make sure you have lots of room because you will be snapping away the whole day. It really feels like you are in paradise. 

Make your way to La Fontelina for lunch. It is an adventure to get to, up and down many stairs but it is so worth it. It is hidden amongst a bunch of large rocks at the base of the cliffs, where you can jump off straight into the water. Get ready for millionaire views as well as great service. It feels like you are on the set of a James Bond movie and the prices are reasonable considering it’s Capri. Sun beds can also be hired if you fancy a swim. 

Don’t miss the spectacular Faraglioni rock formations and the impressive, winding paths of Via Krupp. If you have the time make your way down to Marina Piccola where legend says that Ulysses was seduced by sirens. Book a tour of the Blue Grotto at Marina Grande when you arrive. The Blue Grotto is a natural cavern which you can access by small boat but this popular tourist site can get very busy so it would probably be better to do this early morning or late afternoon. 

Capri really is a magical island which should be at the top of your bucket list. Hike up and down the cliffs, plunge into clear blue water, splurge on a top notch seafood lunch, eat some of the best gelato in Italy and relax and unwind by the beach. So what are you waiting for?! It’s a summer holiday waiting to happen! 


My Favourite Hangouts in Paris 

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I have a soft spot for this beautiful city. In highschool I always daydreamed of one day living in Paris and a few months ago I was lucky enough to spend two whole weeks exploring the city. I previously stayed here only for a couple of days and since then Paris has always left me wanting more. I was so happy I could finally take my time walking around and discovering the hidden gems all over the city. Below are my favourite spots in Paris, minus the museums which I love so much. I wrote a previous blog post on the museums in Paris so check that out if you want to know more but in the meantime enjoy reading about my favourite Parisian hangouts. 

Jardin du Palais-Royal 

A pretty flower filled garden escape in the middle of the city. Sit by the fountain, people watch and bask in the sun on a blue skied day. 

Place des Vosges 

Located in my favourite neighbourhood of Paris, Le Marais. It is conveniently located opposite Carette, a typical, French cafe that sells the best salted caramel macarons I have ever tasted among other delicious pastries. This park is the perfect place for a picnic! 

Place Dauphine 

A peaceful hideaway in the area Ile de la cité. This square is surrounded by quaint French cafe’s and restaurants. It is a quiet place to sit with a good book. 

Le Marais 

Quintisential Paris! You will find some of the best vintage shopping here as well as a mix of charming boutiques and sophisticated designer brands. There are many French cafe’s scattered around this neighbourhood providing the best outdoor seating to people watch and watch the world go by with a coffee and croissant to enjoy. 

Place du Vert-Galant 

Opposite the Pont Neuf is this small garden which provides a beautiful spot to watch the boats passing by along The Seine and to admire the grand, Parisian architecture on both sides of the river bank. 

Shakespeare and Company

Literature lovers rejoice! Here you will find a large variety of English books and all the classics. You can spend hours browsing the shelves. They even have a cute, small reading area upstairs. 

Galeries Lafayette Terrace 

For one of the best views of Paris this terrace does not dissapoint! Grab some lunch and head up to the roof on a sunny day. There is a seating area up there as well as a nice restaurant. 

Saint Germain des Près 

If you love independent art galleries, this is the place to be. There are hundreds of small art galleries in this neighbourhood to check out. While you are here, have some lunch at the famous Café de Flore, one of the oldest coffee houses in Paris. 

Ladurée Bonaparte

An upscale bakery located in the magical neighbourhood of Saint Germain. They hands down have the best macarons in Paris! Have some of their delicious teas in their cafe to accompany your macarons. I recommend their salted caramel flavour (of course!) pistachio, vanilla and rose. 


Back in the day it was the place to be seen for artists, writers and performers. The narrow, cobblestone streets still carry the essence of old Paris. It is one of the best places for a morning wander after a French breakfast at Cafe de Deux Moulins which is where they filmed Amélie. 

Welcome to Positano 

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No words can describe just how beautiful this part of the world is! You have to come here as soon as possible to experience the incredible coastline for yourself. There are so many beautiful places to visit on this Earth and Positano is out of this world and will literally take your breath away! Positano is a small Italian town situated on the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. This means that there are many many stairs that will take you down and up small winding paths that reveal cute boutiques, delicatessens, souvenir shops and good quality restaurants. Think of Positano as the splurge part of your adventures and this area is quite expensive but super worth it! Positano is a well known, more luxurious, romantic vacation spot for honeymooning couples but as a solo traveller this made me appreciate this place so much more as I watched people go by and live their lives excited and happy to be in this beautiful part of the world, making unforgettable memories. I enjoyed being in the present moment appreciating the coastline as I hiked up the steep cliffs, sat on the beach looking out at the sea and ate incredible food made with the freshest ingredients and savoured every bite without distraction. 

I stayed in a B&B called Il Canneto up in the hills. From there it is a 15 minute walk into town along the main road and down many stairs which also means that you will get an epic leg workout walking back but the views are so amazing! All rooms have a sea view, looking down into the valley, the colourful dome of the church and the main beach. There is also a bus stop right out the front of the B&B which takes you to the main square in 5 minutes but I really enjoyed the walk everyday. I never got tired of the view! Everytime I walked into town I stopped and admired the wonderful pastel coloured houses nestled amongst the hills and the sparkling blue water. Il Canneto offers a lovely breakfast complete with fresh fruit, croissants, pastries, boiled eggs, juicy cherry tomatoes, yogurt, cereal and your choice of tea, coffee and fruit juice. Depending on the season because I assume during the summer months the prices are a lot higher, staying at Il Canneto will set you back around $150 a night and this place is definitely one of the cheapest options in Positano. 

One of the first things you notice about Positano is that is is famous for its lemons! There are so many fruit stalls and vendors that sell incredible fresh fruit and lemon and orange slushies as you drive along the Amalfi Coast and walk down to Positano beach. Go inside one of the many ‘lemon’ themed shops in Positano and buy their delicious smelling lemon soaps, body lotions or their lemon flavoured dark chocolate but most importantly stock up on their famous limoncello liquor! 

Positano is filled with beautiful boutiques that sell handmade jewellery, handpainted plates, jugs, mugs, embroidered cushions and blankets, handwoven scarves and wraps and the most beautiful clothes made with soft, thin, ethical fabrics in the most beautiful bright coloures. Check out the shop Idillio for there pretty and comfortable tops and dresses in their famous aqua blue colours. 

Positano is a place where you can both relax and get active. There are two beaches in Positano, the main beach along Via Marina Grande and the smaller Positano Spiaggia which you can access in less than 10 minutes along the footpath next to the main port. 

To get the blood pumping climb up to the small village up in the cliffs called Nocelle. This hike is not easy, up 1750 steps to be exact so bring a lot of water and some snacks. The walk is all up hill starting from the steps just behind Arienzo Beach along the main road. You will be rewarded with the most epic view of the coastline and if that is not enough you can do an all day hike along the spectacular Path of the Gods but I would take the bus from Positano to Bomerano and start the hike from there as it is mostly, if not all down hill from that point. You can do the walk by yourself if you prefer. You will still bump into other hikers on the way as it is a very popular hike but if you want some local knowledge about the landscape, the flora and meet other travellers, book a half day hiking tour. Head down to the tourism office in Positano to get tour group details. 

Another amazing day trip you can do from Positano is to the incredible island of Capri! From Positano it takes around 30 minutes by ferry to the island. I know I am sounding very repetitve but the views are seriously on another level! There are many different paths you can take from the center of town that lead you up and down the coast revealing steep cliffs and the crystal, clear blue water. Stay tuned for a separate blog post on how to make the most out of one day in Capri! 

Positano is very nicely situated in between the Amalfi and Sorrento so it is the perfect place to make your base if you wish to explore other towns and the surrounding islands. There are regular ferries daily from Positano Port to Capri, the Amalfi and Sorrento. You can also take the SITA bus to the towns along the Amalfi Coast which is excellent when the ferries stop running at night. 

Now for one of the most important things to do while travelling, trying all the nice Italian food! Positano is of course not a cheap place to visit but you only live once right? You are on vacation after all! You deserve to treat yourself. 

Casa e Bottega

Finally a healthy place to eat! Recently I have been finding it really hard to regularly eat healthy so I was so happy to come across this cafe. All food is organic and most of there fruit and vegetables are homegrown in their backyard or directly sourced from local farmers. They have the most amazing freshly squeezed juices and a really great raw, vegan menu but also healthy chicken and fish options. 


This place is run by the same owner from Casa e Bottega so you can expect the same fresh, healthy ingredients but on a top notch restaurant level. 

La Pergola 

One of the cheaper places along Via Marina Grande. They have many good pizza options but I would try one of their homemade pasta dishes. Try the ravioli with their house wine, it’s so amazing! 

Da Adolfo

To get to this restaurant you have to take a small boat from the main dock that comes every 30 minutes from 10 to 12:30pm. A truly magical, hidden gem! Since it is a small restaurant I would book a table in advance. 

Da Vincenzo 

I actually did not get the chance to eat here but apparently it is one of the best restaurants in Positano but I think this one is best enjoyed with some company. It is quite a romantic setting. 

Chez Black

I found this place really overrated. It’s one of the main restaurants along the beach. I had a pizza and I was expecting it to be a bit better. Then again, this place is known for their seafood, although pricey it is probably best to invest in their seafood dishes. 

How to get to Positano? Most people arrive to Naples or Salerno first before heading to the Amalfi Coast. There are coach buses and shuttle buses from Naples Central Station that go to Positano and the Amalfi but for a smooth and comfortable ride, booking a private taxi is the easiest option. It might not be the cheapest but it gave me peace of mind as I had large luggage with me. Private taxi’s can generally be arranged by your accomodation in Positano. Il Canneto organised pick up and drop off for me from my accomodation in Naples. 

A Guide to Granada 

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The last city I visited in the South of Spain was Granada and to be honest I fell in love with this city slowly, more slowly than the other two cities, Seville and Cordoba. I am not sure exactly what it was but the atmosphere did not impress me straight away like the other two. It took quite a bit of exploring first before the city warmed up to me. The city center surrounds the impressive Granada Cathedral. There are many affordable restaurants, bars and shops to pass the time, especially around Plaza Nueva but it is a lot like any other city in that sense. You have to head up to Albayzin which is the oldest area of the city to get more of that infusion of Arabic culture and of course one of the main reasons people come to Granada is to visit the spectacular Alhambra

The hilly area of Albayzin is my favourite part of the city. It used to be the old, Arabic quarter. The white houses with a hint of blue and yellow, decorated with lots of flower pots reminded me of what I loved about Cordoba. Exploring this part of town will lead you through narrow, cobblestone paths and up many stairs that are surrounded by small art galleries, craft stores, tapas bars and Morrocan inspired restaurants. 

From one of the main streets in the city center, Gran Via Colón to the Albayzin there are many small streets with hundreds of shops that sell Arabic style art, funiture, lamps and leather bags, shoes and general souvenirs. 

The best view of the city is from the Mirador San Nicolas lookout. Here you can see the whole exterior of the Alhambra and in the distance, the snow covered mountains of Granada. It is so beautiful! Walking through the Albayzin which transported me back in time and finally seeing this amazing view was the moment the city carried me away. Artists and craftsmen selling handpainted postcards and jewellery showcase all there designs in this area and sometimes buskers sing traditional flamenco pieces which provide the perfect soundtrack as you look out at this beautiful view! 

To the left of San Nicolas Church is the Mosque and their small garden is a nice place to sit and relax surrounded by colourful roses. There is a woman who sits at the entrance of the Mosque that does traditional Henna designs and just up the street there is a Morrocan restaurant that serves an amazing chicken and vegetable cous cous with a traditional spice tea. 

You cannot go to Granada without visiting the Alhambra! Make sure you book your tickets in advance. The queues can be endless with people already lining up early in the morning. The grounds are so big and there is so much history to learn and wrap your head around that it is best to book a tour. I booked a tour with Amigo Tours and it was so worth it! The meeting point was in front of the main entrance at 8am, the early time allowed us to beat some of the crowds as a lot of tours start later at 11am when the place is packed. This tour also includes the General Life Gardens which is normally a separate ticket. The Alhambra is one of the most impressive Royal Palaces I have ever seen because of the intricate, carved designs of the buildings and the fountains located inside the grounds. I love how there is a large emphasis on nature and being surrounded by the beauty of nature in the creation of this complex with the buildings centered around gardens and courtyards. 

If you have the time during your trip to Granada, head up to Sacromonte which is next to the Albayzin. It is the old, gypsie part of town that is characterised by the many caves where they host traditional flamenco performances at night. It is only a few minutes by bus to Sacromonte from Plaza Nueva. 

For a food recommendation around the city center, right in front of the Cathedral is Cafe Dio. They serve a really good chicken burger with fries as well as a variety of juices and really good coffee. Also if you have visited many other cities in Spain you have probably seen the franchise Ale-Hop everywhere. This store sells everything you could possibly think of, well things that you want but don’t really need at a tempting, cheap price. It is a fun and colourful shop to buy gifts. They sell really cute tote bags, wallets, phone cases, electronic accessories and stationary among many other things. It is a shop you can’t miss because there is a statue of a very large cow out the front. 

I think two full days to explore Granada is enough time and during Spring it already feels like summer, well the summer I am used to with temperatures already reaching twenty eight to thirty degrees! 

A Guide to Romantic Venice 

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Ah, Venice! It is one of those cities that you see in all the guidebooks and travel shows as the ultimate travel destination to admire a city rich in cultural history, architecture and of course scrumptious Italian food. It almost looks too picture perfect and it is all true! Venice was exactly how I imagined it to be and despite the number of tourists already flocking to this popular Italian destination at this time of the year, I had the best time endlessly walking amongst the hundreds of winding canals and snapping pictures of the old, beautiful buildings and famous gondolas. The best way to make your way around Venice is by foot. It is relatively small and the areas of San Polo, San Marco and Sante Croce is best explored walking and twirling through the narrow, cobblestone streets and small bridges. The numerous shops selling Murano glass, leather handbags and gloves, bakeries, gelato and pizza will excite your senses. 

I stayed in an Airbnb outside the main island of Venice in a residential area called Marghera because the price was a lot cheaper than the accomodation right in the centre and to be honest it was a really nice break from being surrounded by so many people to come back to a quiet neighbourhood at the end of a long day. There also many hotels in Marghera as the Mestre train station is a main stop to travel to other cities in Italy. From various bus stops in this area it takes about 15 minutes to reach Piazzale Roma. All transport like buses and taxis stop here and the rest of Venice is accessible by foot or ferry. Catching the ferry around Venice is a great way to see the city from a different and necessary perspective. It is a lot cheaper than taking a gondola everywhere.

From Piazzale Roma walk to the romantic and famous Rialto Bridge. It is fairly easy to navigate your way from San Polo to San Marco as there are signs everywhere pointing you to the directions of the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco. Be prepared to secure your spot quickly on the Rialto Bridge to take the iconic shot of the famous Grand Canal of Venice. It will take your breath away hearing and seeing the bustle of the ferries, water taxis and gondolas passing underneath the bridge. 

A couple minutes away from the Rialto Bridge in a small alley called Calle del Paradiso is the restaurant Al Paradiso. They serve an amazing Margherita Pizza! And like me, if you are feeling slightly guilty about all the pizza, cheese, gelato and wine you have been indulging in, they also have an amazing Greek Salad to serve on the side. 

As you cross the Rialto Bridge and make your way to Piazza San Marco you will be surrounded by all the designer brands you can think of and the window displays are meticulously perfect. It is a fabulous place for some window shopping to be inspired by the sophisticated and chic designs by famous Italian designers. Now prepare to be awed as you enter Piazza San Marco! First, visit the spectacular Basilica di San Marco. The beautiful gold leaf ceilings and colourful mosaics will leave you speechless. Second, it is necessary to see the Palazzo Ducale, also known as Dodge’s Palace in the Venetian Gothic style. Lastly, climb the Bell Tower of St. Marks Basilica for views of the city and the surrounding islands. Piazza San Marco is alive with energy and excitement as tourists admire these spectacular landmarks. 

There are many restaurants surrounding the square but I would not eat here because it is so overpriced! All these restaurants have the allure of musicians playing famous classical pieces but you can appreciate their talent without taking a seat in one of these restaurants as they play outside facing the square. If you want to experience a nice and less expensive dinner outside people watching, head to Pizzeria Santo Stefano in Campo Santo Stefano and order one of their pizza or pasta dishes with a delicious Aperol Spritz.

For something different, visit the island of Murano where they make their famous, world renowned Murano glass. There are many glass factories with showrooms displaying amazing sculptures and glassware. My favourite place in Venice, besides the main island is Burano. Burano is an island 30 minutes away by ferry from Murano. The whole island is filled with bright, colourful houses and apartments. It is also famous for its production of biscuits and lace products. Buy a handmade cotton or silk scarf with lace detailing as a memory of this unique place and don’t forgot your camera!

Spring is definitely the best time to visit Venice because the weather is starting to get a little warmer and there are less tourists. Of course Venice attracts lots of people throughout the whole year but in the spring the streets will be less messy and less smelly than during the summer months. Venice really is one of the best holiday destinations in the whole world, the canal system and old buildings making it a unique city on water that will leave you wanting to come back for more.

A Guide to Córdoba 

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Another city in Andalusia, Spain that left me smiling from ear to ear. I loved seeing the influence of Arabic design in the architecture all over the city mixed with the old, white and yellow buildings covered in colourful flowers. I took hundreds of photos. It is a city that will make you never want to put your camera down.  

The main attraction of Cordoba is the famous world heritage site of the Mosque-Cathedral. It is unlike any other religious building you will ever see in your entire life! The fusion of Islamic and Christian architecture and design is a unique and wonderful sight to behold. I recommend booking a tour for this one to get a full, historical understanding of this spectacular building and trust me of this, you will definitely want to be informed about the creation and reformation of this special site over these past hundreds of years. Book your tour online through Viator or Get Your Guide. The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is probably the most interesting and unique religious building I have ever seen. You can also climb the tower for a small fee to see the view of the city and the surrounding countryside. On a clear day you can even see all the way to the snow peaked mountains over in Granada.  

I visited Cordoba towards the end of April and the temperatures were already quite hot which personally I loved. I was so happy that I did not have to wear layers and a jacket anymore. I could just take in the sunshine and much needed Vitamin D after a freezing winter. It still got a little chilly during the night but all you need during this time of the year is a light scarf and a cardigan. Spring is the perfect time to visit the South of Spain because of the pleasant temperatures, less crowds, cheaper accomodation and a lot more hotel choices. I would never come here during the summer months, well, I would never say never but it would be sweltering hot in the forty to fifty degree heat. What was also interesting to try and get accustomed to was the way of life in Southern Spain. It seems like life starts slowly here as you ease your way into the morning. Lunch is at around two or three in the afternoon followed by a much needed siesta, a snack at around six and then dinner at around ten or eleven at night. Personally I will never get used to this type of lifestyle, well the late start and the siesta I can definitely do. I love sleeping but I like to eat my dinner at around seven. Always have always will.

Another must see in Cordoba is the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos. The gardens are so beautiful to relax in and admire the sights and sounds of this romantic garden. To take some great pictures of the whole Mosque-Cathedral at a distance, cross the Roman Bridge of Cordoba. It is particularly special during sunset. What I loved most about this place was taking it easy and having a slow stroll through the streets, taking photos of the pretty flower filled houses and squares. There are also many restaurants and bars to choose from that offer lovely, cheap meals to savour and enjoy in their aromatic courtyards decorated with many blue flower pots filled with red and pink flowers hanging on their white walls. You will find many delicious food options making your way from the Mosque-Cathedral to the Plaza de la Corredera.
To the left side of the Mosque-Cathedral facing the main entrance of the courtyard there is a small bar called Bar Santos. It is here that you have to try their delicious, famous Spanish omelette. 

Another fascinating area of Cordoba is the Jewish Quarter. Visit the old Synagogue and the beautiful Casa Andalusí. Admire the intricate mosaic floors, mirrors and Arabic inspired furnitue and decor. 

If you are in the mood to splurge on some quality relaxation look no further than Hamman Al Andulus. For around €55 full price and around €44 for students you can experience the splendor of an Arabic bath complete with the varying water temperatures of the baths and a steam room. You will also recieve a 30 minute essential oil massage where you can choose between lovely rose, jasmin and lavender oils. After days of sightseeing and walking around all day long, your body will definitely thank you for this much needed treat. 


The South of Spain is the ultimate destination to learn about a lot of interesting history but also to relax, unwind and enjoy the plentiful traditional cuisine and embrace their unique and colourful culture. 

A Guide to Seville 

Andalusia, Europe, South of Spain, Travel

Visiting the South of Spain has always been on my bucket list. The seemingly endless sunshine, mouth watering tapas, flamenco shows and the infusion of Arabic culture all attracted me to Southern Spain. What I loved most about Seville was weaving my way through the winding streets without a map and seeing where my feet would take me. The buildings are so beautiful! Seville Cathedral and La Giralda are a spectacular point of reference which allowed me to aimlessly wander around the surrounding colouful, busy streets and always know approximately where I was. Seville was extra busy when I went there because my trip landed right in the middle of Holy Week. I arrived in the afternoon of Good Friday as the Friday procession ended and although I was told before about their Easter traditions, I was still surprised to see the masses of people walking around the city in their long white, purple and black robes with pointed hoods. I was lucky enough to catch the Easter Sunday procession which was a very interesting, one of a kind experience. Although very busy, Easter is a great time to visit Seville for a unique, cultural experience. All in all the atmosphere in Seville is so virbant and uplifting. You are guaranteed to have a great time exploring this beautiful city. 

Seville Cathedral and La Giralda 

Seville Cathedral is considered to be the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and the third largest church in the world so it is important to take a tour of this impressive structure. Don’t leave without climbing up La Giralda for amazing views of the city. You won’t be sorry! I recommend buying tickets in advance to the Cathedral and the Real Alcazar directly through their website or through the links provided on the official tourism webpage of Seville. The lines to both these sites can be very long during peak season. Expect to wait up to an hour or more if you do not purchase tickets before. 

Real Alcazar 

The Real Alcazar is a royal palace of Seville, originally created by Moorish Muslim kings. The palace is beautiful and the courtyards will leave you speechless. Relax in the lush, exotic palace gardens and take in the smell of the flowers and sounds of the chirping birds. The peacocks wandering around love to put on a colourful show. For Game of Thrones fans, part of the series was filmed here. It is good to book a tour for both the Alcazar and Cathedral or you can purchase audio guides for both when you get to the sites. I had a problem with my tour, Visitours Excursiones, which I booked through Viator. I was given two times to choose from on my voucher and it turns out since majority of people went to the first one, the tour guide did not even bother to turn up to the second. Supposedly there was only one time for the tour but I had the proof that there were two times printed on my ticket. To avoid this problem I would book tours through the official tourism website of Seville or visit the tourism office when you arrive and see what is on offer. 

Plaza Virgen de los Reyes and Plaza del Triunfo 

Two picture perfect plaza’s to capture the magnificent Seville Cathedral and La Giralda. Wander up Calle Mateos Gago for lots of restaurant options and bars. Plaza del Triunfo is the main square where majority, if not all the tour groups meet and it is also where the tourism office is. 

Holy Week 

Despite the chaos and lots of crowds if you manage to come to Seville during Easter than you are in for a culture shock treat! You must see at least one procession. People get really into it here and you would be considered really strange if you did not attend one, even if you are not religious. The spectacle of it all is mind blowing! 

Barrio Santa Cruz 

Surrouding the Alcazar is Barrio Santa Cruz, my favourite area of Seville. The winding cobblestone streets reveal colourful buildings, hundreds of flower arrangements, numerous courtyards and restaurants. It is the perfect place to get lost, take thousands of instagram worthy pictures and wind up in one of the many traditional restaurants, sipping sangria in their cute, colourful courtyards. 

Casa de Pilatos 

I did not have time to visit this Andalusian palace but I walked passed it a couple of times and snapped some pictures of the beautiful courtyard. Try and visit it if you have the chance. 


Plaza de Espana 

One of the most famous spots of Seville that I have seen on many websites and postcards. I was so happy that I could finally tick this off my list! It really is picture perfect! It is surrounded by beautiful gardens, one being Parque de Maria Luisa. 

Metropol Parasol

At first glance this complex looks very out of place as it sits in the middle of the old quarter of the city. It is a modern building which houses the Antiquarium, a central market and a restaurant on the top floor. The terrace offers amazing panoramic views of the city. 


Casa de la Memoria

It is a must to see a flamenco show in Andalusia. Casa de la Memoria offers three shows a night, each show is one hour long. The stage is small and intimate which is an excellent way to see a true flamenco show. Tickets are €18, €15 for students. You have to buy tickets at the venue. Have a stroll along Calle Cuna and visit the many boutiques that sell flamenco costumes. 

Torro del Oro

Torro del Oro was a military watchtower that now serves as a viewpoint to see the city. Walk alongside the Guadalquivir to see both sides of the city from a different perspective. 

Calle Velasquez, Calle Tetuan and Calle Sierpes 

These streets are the main shopping streets of Seville with all the big brand chain stores. Once you reach these streets it is very easy to orientate yourself around the city. 

Barcelona Bucket List 

Barcelona, Europe, Spain, Travel

Here is a bucket list guide to one of my most favourite cities, Barcelona! The atmosphere is electric and there is so much to see and do in this beautiful and lively city. You are guaranteed to have a fun filled vacation in this energetic yet go-with-the-flow city. 

Admire the spectacular La Sagrada Familia

Prepare to be amazed by Gaudi’s incredibly different, creative and unique architectural feat! Buy tickets in advance to avoid waiting for hours in long queues and make sure your ticket includes an audio guide because you can’t purchase them separately when you get there. Go to the parks on both sides of the basilica for some excellent photo opportunities. 

Get lost in the Gothic Quarter

My favourite part of Barcelona! For some photography inspiration this is the place to go with its winding, narrow streets weaving you amongst tapas bars, cafes, vintage shops and fashion boutiques. The shopping is amazing here! Leave some room in your lugguage and get ready to spend some euros because you will find incredible bargains here and one of a kind pieces. While you wander around make sure you stop at Karlito’s Juice and Coffee for some incredible fresh juices and smoothie bowls. For clothing look no further than Natura for their ethically sourced fabrics. For souvenirs and unique jewellery pieces go to Chez Pauletta. Make sure to buy their postcards of Barcelona that look like vintage polaroids. Lastly for ethical homewares browse through the shop Home on Earth

Be both shocked and awed by Gaudí’s designs at Casa Milà and Casa Batlló

As a lover of Gaudi’s work I loved snapping hundreds of pictures of these quirky and colourful buildings. It is worth it to enter at least one of them. I recommend Casa Milà because of the awesome roof design and the good, distant view of La Sagrada Familia but be sure to check out the facades of both buildings. 

Frolick through Park Güell

Probably one of the most photographed spots in Barcelona because of the amazing view of the entire city amongst unusual and colourful buildings and statues designed by none other than Gaudí. Buy tickets in advandance to guarantee access to the famous Monumental Zone. 

Have a casual stroll down La Rambla 

The most famous street in Barcelona. Browse the many souvenir stalls along the sides of the street and admire the skills of the many artists selling their work. There are also many things to see on both sides of La Rambla as you make your way down the street including the Palau de la Musica Catalana, Barcelona Cathedral and the impressive Plaça de Sant Jaume, home to the Generalitat. On the other side you have the Boqueria Markets, Palau Güell (this is definitely worth a visit for Gaudí fans) and the Theatre Principal

Appreciate the Picasso experience 

Visit the Picasso Museum to learn more about his life, his creative process and see some of his amazing paintings. Afterwards admire the Basilica Santa Maria del Mar and sit in the square with a gelato in hand. 

Eat and drink your weight in tapas and Sangria 

You will find thousands of restaurants selling tapas all throughout Barcelona. If you are a solo traveller I would recommend booking a tapas tour that takes you to four or five different tapas bars so you can taste a variety of different tapas and gain some local knowledge from your guide. Check out what is on offer at Viator. 

Grab a juice or two or three at the Boqueria Markets

Another one of my favourite places in the city center. You will be tempted to drink litres and litres of juice here because of their colourful displays and incredibly cheap prices. You can find juices in a number of delicious flavours for as cheap as €1. 

Indulge in a shopping spree at the Paseig de Gràcia

Another main shopping street in Barcelona that will leave you digging into your wallet. It is a very pretty street with a mix of high end fashion brands and well known chain stores. Head to Zara, Stradivarius, Bershka and Pull and Bear for some fantastic bargains. These are my favourite brands that Europe has to offer and unfortunately in Australia we do not have the last three stores so I have definitely taken advantage of it here. 

Wine and dine at Plaça Reial 

Here you will find many restaurants with all kinds of delicious cuisines to choose from accompanied by the sounds of buskers entertaining in the square. 

Have a picnic at Ciutadella Park 

The perfect park to lay out a picnic, read a good book and have a nap in the sun. There a number of small lakes to take out a paddle boat and float through the little canals. Be sure to check out the fountain and the big mammoth statue. As you leave the park make sure to take some snaps of Barcelona’s impressive Arc del Triomf. 

Hike up Montjuïc

This was where the Olympic Games were held and from the mountain you get amazing views of the city and the coastline. The National Palace is picture perfect!

Enjoy the sunshine along Rambla de Mar 

Visit the port of Barcelona for some amazing seafood and relaxed vibes. Also head down to the beach for some sunshine and fresh sea salt air. You can choose from Platja de la Barceloneta, Platja de la Nova Icària and Platja del Bogatell

Escape to Nice 

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Sun, sun, sun! When most of Europe slowly begins to reap the benefits of spring after a freezing winter, beautiful Nice maintains lovely blue sky days and sunshine for most of the year. A visit to Nice is all about winding down and relaxing which is not hard to do when you are spoilt by a magnificent coastline and an abundance of amazing café’s and restaurants that serve traditional Niçoise cuisine and a variety of mouth watering Italian food! After experiencing extremely cold temperatures in Germany, Eastern Europe and The Netherlands, I was looking forward to lots of sunshine where I could finally work on a tan and wear light, flowy dresses again.

The Old Town of Nice is by far my favourite area of the city. To be honest I did not explore much more of Nice besides the Old Town and the coastline. It will lure you in with its relaxed but colourful and vibrant energy. The old buildings in the area reminded me of the Italian towns of Verona and Florence with their yellow, orange and red colours and faded shutters all close together and connected by narrow, winding streets.  

The best part of the Old Town besides the buildings is all the food on offer. You will be spoilt for choice! You will find everything from French and Italian to Chinese and Japanese. I kept questioning if I was in France or Italy when I saw the abundance of outside tables covered with red and white checkered tablecloths, customers ordering pizza with wine or an aperol spritz. It is very easy to find cheap eats in this area with most of the restaurants offering meal deals ranging from €10-20 which come with an entrée, main and dessert. My favourite food finds were in the main square of the Old Town where a very popular gelateria also serves delicious and unusual flavours for a very reasonable price. You will find great restaurants everywhere throughout the Old Town. Just walk around and get lost amongst the many corners, shops and small streets.  

On the weekend there is a food market in an open area just before you enter the beachside promenade. Head here for breakfast and grab some fresh bread and fruits for later as you sit by the beach and soak up the sun. On Mondays there is also a flea market where you will find unique vintage furniture, objects and clothes.  

One of the main reasons I came to Nice was obviously to spend the whole day by the beach. The coastline is filled with a mix of public and private beaches. Private beaches can be very expensive, the cheapest one being Opera Plage. A whole day at this private establishment complete with a chair and umbrella is €15. Other notable private beaches is Blue Plage and Neptune Plage. During the summer months I would recommend private beaches, especially if you are travelling alone as pickpockets are common. However, I used the public beaches during my stay because as it was only the beginning of spring it was not too crowded and it was easy to keep an eye on my things. If you are travelling with someone, even during the summer months public beaches are definitely the better options if you want to save money. The only downside of these beautiful beaches is that they are not sand. The main beaches of Nice are pebble beaches which can get uncomfortable at times. If you can bring a beach mat or yoga mat to lie on. Private beaches do offer the use of beach chairs which fixes this problem but I did get used to the pebbles after a while so all in all it’s fine. 

One of the best ways to appreciate a city is from above so make sure you walk up to the Parc de la Colline du Château for incredible views of the city and the port!  

For day trips there are also regular trains from the main station to neighbouring cities such as Cannes, Antibes and Monaco.  

A Guide to Museums in Paris 

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There are literally hundreds of museums and galleries in Paris so there will always be something to see and do if you are a lover of art and history. It is is not only the spectacular and famous art and historical objects that are admired but also the magnificent and beautiful buildings that house them. Here is a breakdown of the most famous museums in Paris and also my favourite areas to find independent, smaller galleries.  

Musée d’Orsay 

My favourite museum in Paris! What used to be an old train station now houses the most famous impressionists works in the whole world. They display paintings by Monet, Degas, Manet, Cézanne and Van Gough just to name a few. The impressionists gallery is on the top floor which boasts incredible views of the city! 

Musée de l’Orangerie  

Here is where you will find Monet’s famous water lily paintings. The design of the space is modern and minimalist which draws all your attention to Monet’s beautiful creations. It is so hypnotising. This museum also showcases works by Renoir, Picasso and Modigliani. 

The Louvre  

Obviously it is a big must see to visit The Louvre. It is the largest museum in whole world! It would take two weeks to see everything in the museum and actually look at each piece. Luckily it is possible to see all the highlights in an afternoon if you do not linger for too long but I think it is important to appreciate the grandeur and beauty of what is in this museum in all its glory. I recommend spending a whole day here if you can. My favourite area was the French Romanticsm Gallery showing massive and impressive works by Delacroix and Géricault. It is here that you will find Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People. As it is The Louvre expect lines, however there is a way to limit this problem. Enter through the mall underneath the museum called Carrousel de Louvre. There is another entrance here to try instead of going first to the pyramid. On Wednesday the museum closes at 9:30pm. This is when I love to go as there is hardly any line even at the pyramid entrance. Get there at around 5pm and stay until closing. 

Le Petit Palais  

Le Petit Palais is the Museum of Fine Arts in Paris. Contrary to the name it is actually quite spacious. It is definitely worth a visit! The inner courtyard during the spring is so beautiful, blooming with an array of different flowers and cherry blossom trees. The museum cafe allows you to sit in this courtyard and overlook the incredible architecture and tranquil garden. 

Picasso Museum 

If you want to learn about Picasso’s life and see some of his impressive but more lesser known works then this is a great museum. The layout is simple and easy to navigate and there are so many of his works on display as well as objects and photographs from his life. 


The Pompidou Center  

An impressive modern art museum! There are so many works in this museum, it took me longer to get through the whole thing than I thought so make sure you spend at least a whole afternoon here. Eat something before or bring some snacks as the museum cafe is expensive and not a good value for money and you will definitely need your energy. Work your way from the top floors to the bottom. The views from this museum are so amazing! 

Rodin Museum  

This museum is dedicated to the famous French sculptor Auguste Rodin. The gardens are also very beautiful and peaceful. 


Place des Vosges 

A tranquil garden square surrounded by corridors of small, art galleries, restaurants and cafe’s. There are some creative and unusual paintings and sculptures up for sale here. Make sure you grab some brunch or afternoon tea at Carette while you are here. 

Saint Germain des Près  

Wandering through this quarter you will find many independent art galleries. Buy some macarons at the famous Ladurée and then head to the Jardin de Luxembourg or have some lunch at the famous Café de Flore.